Corbelled Domes

Renate Löbbecke

Walther König, Köln, 2012


Corbelled dome structures are simple but fascinating built forms that were created for very practical reasons: the stones lying around in great numbers in many regions were stacked up using the dry stone construction method to form useful structures. The only way for the builders to create a roof was to build a corbelled dome. Largely overlooked is the phenomenon that people in highly diverse regions began again to use the corbelled dome technique roughly 200 years ago. They did so in regions situated far from one another – in places like Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Malta, and Italy – and thus in developments entirely independent from one another, similar building forms emerged. Renate Löbbecke has been tracking down such structures for over 25 years. On her travels in 15 countries she has captured photographs depicting this unique phenomenon of designed nature. The extensive archive she has amassed in the process oscillates between artistic perception and scientific examination: the corbelled dome structures are documented here for the first time in this manner, but above all, the wonderful photography also makes them accessible to all those interested in art and architecture.

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ISBN: 9783863352745

384 pagina's, 25 × 21 cm, 5 kleuren- & 1500 z/w illustraties, Hardcover, Engels