Come Together: The Architecture of Multigenerational Living

Joann Plockova

Gestalten, 2021


Three, four, or sometimes more generations of the same family often opt to live together under one roof. The 20th-century emphasis on a single-family home for the suburban family or a swanky bachelor pad is falling short of modern needs, instead, we are seeing more tiers of the family unit preferring to live together. Come Together explores the why, what, where, and perhaps most importantly, the how, of homes that succeed to be liveable for multiple generations. With insight from inhabitants cohabiting in multigenerational homes, this book explores subjects such as the opportunity to care for one another, how to save on costs, and why this lifestyle can forge closer relationships. Featuring architecturally stunning designs from around the globe, Come Together points to the changing face of the family home.


ISBN: 9783967040043

288 pagina's, illustraties in kleur, 26 x 21 cm, hardcover, Engels