Cloud 68 Paper Voice: Smiljan Radic’s Collection of Radical Architecture

Fredi Fischli, Niels Olsen, Valentina Ehnimb, Patricio Mardones (Eds.)

GTA Verlag, 2020


Cloud ’68 – Paper Voice pays homage the radical architecture movement in Europe from the 1950s to the 1970s, which initiated numerous new forms of experimental expression. A selection of 177 graphic pieces – lithographs, drawings, original etchings, and ephemera from the personal collection of the Chilean architect Smiljan Radić—reveal the scope of the diverse architectural approaches from those years. Works by Constant, Utopie, Guy Debord, Asger Jorn, Haus-Rucker-Co, Archigram, and Superstudio, among others, are displayed in 33 panels that recall Aby Warburg’s “Mnemosyne Atlas”. The publication is complemented by interview fragments by the critic and curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, who interviewed the protagonists of this architectural movement, plus three essays by Tom McDonough, Moisés Puente and by Lara Schrijver.


ISBN: 9783856763916

120 pagina's, 16 x 21 cm, 177 illustraties, paperback, Engels