Claudine Doury: Amour

Chose Commune, 2019


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Amour diaries photographer Claudine Doury’s thirty year quest along the banks of the Amur River in Russia. She journeyed along its banks in 1991, 1997 and 2018, making images that meet together in this book. As generations pass, the surroundings of the river shift and the traditions of the Siberian-descended people – wither.

During her ‘odyssey’, the ties Claudine Doury patiently wove with the families and landscapes around the river translated into powerful and timeless images. Amour brings together her black and white and colour photographs with archival images, and reveals the photographer’s intimate and sensitive relationship with this territory and its history.
This photobook is designed as a notebook, with a faux-leather cover and a strap on the back cover to close it.

Our copy is new and still in the original sealing.

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ISBN: 9791096383153

104 pages, 70 photographs, 25 x 19 cm, hardcover, French/English