Christopher Anderson: Marion

Stanley/Barker, 2022 (first edition)


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Christopher Anderson began photographing his family in a completely organic way. His images were simply the natural action of a partner trying to stop time, and not let one moment of his relationships slip by.

As a photographer, he had never thought of his personal photographs as ‘work’ until photographer Tim Hetherington saw a photograph Anderson had made of his wife Marion and said, “this is about the passing of time”. Anderson began to see his personal images in a new light, and over time, would come to feel that these photographs were, in fact, his life’s work. Anderson’s new book, Marion, marks the closing chapter of a trilogy of books that chronicles their lives, and loves in beautiful depth over the course of their partnership.

Our copy is in perfect condition.

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ISBN: 9781913288501

160 pages, illustrated, 25 x 22 cm, hardcover, English