Christophe Gevers (Monograph)

Jean-Pierre Gabriel, foreword Glenn Sestig

Jean-Pierre Gabriel, 2024


More than a designer, Christophe Gevers is a sculptor. He sculpts shapes, volumes, materials, and he assembles them until they become furniture and spaces. – Extract from the foreword by Glenn Sestig.

With 432 pages illustrated with over 500 original photos, CHRISTOPHE GEVERS, the eponymous monograph devoted to the creative universe of Christophe Gevers, offers a unique look at the known and lesser-known worlds of one of the greatest interior designers and Belgian furniture creators of the second half of the twentieth century.
The book, which brings Christophe Gevers out of the shadows, is divided into five main sections: Houses; The master and his students; Interiors; The restaurants; The designer —furniture, lighting and objects.
The texts are essentially based on testimonies from relatives, clients, professionals, collaborators and former students. From 1959 to 1993 Christophe Gevers left indeed his atypical mark on thirty-three classes at the famous La Cambre art school, within the Mobilier & Agencement workshop.
A brutalist before his time, Gevers was uncompromising about the quality of the materials he chose so that they would last and embellish over time.

This publication contains 500 original images taken by the renowned photographer Jean-Pierre Gabriel.

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ISBN: 9782960292749

432 pagina's, 500 illustraties, 28 x 22 cm, hardcover, Engels