Christian Boltanski: Lost (1994)

CCA and Tramway, Glasgow, 1994


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Artist publication.
In a grey card folder: A sheet, “Acknowledgements” + 5 card folders: J. Hutchinson: “Death and the Duck-Rabbit” (4 pages of typed text); P. Bradley, C. Esche & N. White: “An Interview with C. Boltanski” (16 sheets of typed text on one side, stapled); Tramway, Glasgow: “Lost Property between March 1993 & Jannuary 1994” (8 sheets of typed text on one side, stapled); “Lost Property Records Cards” (4 sheets of b/w reproduced photos of lost property, 16 on each sheet); “Liste des Suisses Morts dans le canton du Valais en 1991” (28 sheets of typed text on one side, stapled) + 4 payroll sets + 4 installation postcards. CCA and Tramway, Glasgow, 1994.
Bibliography: Bob Calle: Christian Boltanski, Artist’s Books 1969-2007, Paris, 2008, p. 84-85

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Grey document holder held shut by an elastic band, containing 5 different coloured folders with booklets, postcards ..., 26 × 38 cm