Christian Boltanski: Faire son temps (Centre Pompidou)

Bernard Blistène

Centre Pompidou, 2019


Thirty-five years have passed since Christian Boltanski’s first exhibition at the Center Pompidou. Conceived by Boltanski himself as a wandering in the heart of his work, this new exhibition is less a retrospective than a sequence of moments marking the stages and metamorphoses of his remarks.
Throughout the catalog, the reader returns to the beginnings of the artist’s life, learning his first abortive love for cinema, his passion for theater, and his frenetic practice of painting. His work, nourished by life, death, hardships and mourning, is approached from an unprecedented sociological angle, completing this discussion as an exclusive and sincere dive into the heart of the artist.
Through an exhaustive selection of the artist’s works, the catalog puts words and images into perspective. Like a diary, personal and anonymous photographs, paintings, installations support the dialogue of Christian Boltanski and Bernard Blistène.

Exhibition Centre Pompidou Paris 13/11/2019 – 16/03/2020


ISBN: 9782844268600

288 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 26 x 19,5 cm, hardcover, Frans