Chris Lee: Immutable / Designing History

Chris Lee

Onomatopee & Library Stack, 2022


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Following the history and relationship between money, official documents, and typography, Chris Lee explores how graphic design has functioned as an instrument of state power and by extension, colonial forms of governance. He discusses the role of graphic design on administrative and financial records – starting with the earliest records of Mesopotamian clay tablets, to coinage, property deeds, paper money, passports, and even cryptocurrencies – and its entanglement with the notions of standards, immutability, and politics. Lee is a graphic designer and Assistant Professor at Pratt Institue who is currently based in Buffalo and Brooklyn, New York.


ISBN: 9789493148420

126 pagina's, 50 z/w illustraties, 19,7 x 12,7 cm, paperback, Engels