Charles Fréger: Légionnaires. Portraits photographiques et uniformes

Text Raphaëlle Stopin

779 Éditions, 2002


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Known for his series of portraits and uniforms, photographer Charles Fréger had access to document the French Foreign Legion. The end result is Légionnaires consisting of three sets. The first is of volunteers who are not yet legionnaires and have to undergo intensive training. They appear bear-chested, stripped of their former identity and yet to receive a new one. The second part of the series consists of Pioneer Corps, also known as Sappers, and the third is the functional uniforms such as tank drivers, parachutists and bomb disposal experts.
Published in conjunction with the 2002 exhibition in Le Château d’eau at Toulouse, France.

Our copy is in very condition, very very small torn on the left side of the cover.

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88 pages, colour photos, 24,5 x 17,5 cm, hardcover, French, separate leaflet with translation in English and Japanese