Trendsetting Mountain Treasures

Michelle Galindo, Sophie Steybe

Braun, Salenstein, 2013


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Today’s chalets have come a long way from their original function as herdsman’s hut in the Alps. They now serve as sites for relaxation and retreat from everyday life, they provide room for soul-searching and introspection. The particular attractiveness of chalets is derived from the interplay of architecture and interior design with the topography and mountainous nature around them.
This volume presents new constructions as well as renovated and reconstructed historical chalets from around the world – in Aspen and Zermatt, the South American Andes and the mountain regions of Japan. The designs are multifaceted, ranging from traditional to modern, simple to luxurious, but the individual expression of each project captures the particular charm of the surrounding landscape.

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ISBN: 9783037681565

352 pagina's, 25 × 29 cm, 850 illustraties, hardcover, Engels/Duits/Frans