Caspar David Friedrich A-Z

Barbara Hess

Hatje Cantz, 2024


A popular artist in his own lifetime, German Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1840) is known for his allegorical landscapes that convey a deep sense of contemplation. By setting small groups of people or singular personages against misty fog-covered valleys, tranquil cloudy seas or brilliant sunrises, Friedrich continuously positions humanity in reverence to nature. Although 2024 marks the 250th anniversary of his birth, Freidrich and his paintings continue to gain in topicality, particularly with respect to climate change. Many of his works, such as The Sea of Ice, stand silent witness to evidence of altered landscapes and increased global temperatures. In the playful format of an A-Z book, art historian Barbara Hess examines Friedrich’s life and work, from the Romantic movement at large to his sketches of nature and the lasting poignancy of his sublime paintings.


ISBN: 9783775755672

120 pagina's, 35 kleurillustraties, 19,5 x 13 cm, hardcover, Engels