Cartier: Beautés du Monde. High Jewery and Precious Objects

François Chaille, Alberto Cavalli

Flammarion, 2023


True to the Cartier brothers’ passion for the earth and its natural beauties, the newest collection of high jewelry brings the wonders of nature and cultural splendors from all four corners of the globe into dialogue. Sublimated by the interplay of stones and drawings, the inspirations give rise to highly stylized, even abstract compositions of a new genre. A coral reef entwines the length of a flamboyant necklace, an iguana skin transforms into a geometric matrix, and a Chinese puzzle box reveals a kaleidoscopic ring. Natural treasures and the fruits of human creativity meet in the purity of original compositions, revealing the unique dimensions of a multifaceted world that showcases all the richness of the nature and the Cartier universe. This book includes two paper stocks and booklet inserts.


ISBN: 9782080287533

256 pagina's, illustraties in kleur, 30 x 25,5 cm, hardcover, Engels