Building for a Changing Culture and Climate

World Atlas of Sustainable Architecture

Ulrich Pfammatter

Dom Publishers, Köln, 2014


This book aims to encourage an awareness of sustainability as it is implemented across all areas of planning and design, and the ability to think and act on this knowledge. The conditions that inspire a design, and the factors that influence the planning and building of it, should be challenged. This book will explore in genuine depth the sustainable strategies that could be applied, along with the practical work of key figures in the built environment, setting these against historical experiences and traditional cultures. It also aims to revive the discourse around these subjects, and to look at possible architectural interventions, responses and approaches, based on inspirational and exemplary case studies. Achieving this will require the involvement of structural engineers, energy and environmental engineers, innovative designers, construction businesses and specialists, research institutes and universities. The five chapters and more than 300 showcased projects reflect important stages in the architectural and engineering-based design process, stages which cannot be sidestepped, and need to be addressed when dealing with sustainable strategies in the built environment. All fields – or design constraints – are constantly changing and demand a clear approach to current and future issues.

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ISBN: 9783869222820

584 pagina's, circa 2000 afbeeldingen, 22,5 × 28 cm, hardcover, Engels