Buero Kofink Schels: In Practice

Sebastian Kofink, Simon Jüttner, Matthieu Wellner, Tadeja Zupancic, Maud Hagelstein, Muck Petzet, Harold Fallon, Benoît Burquel, Benoît Vandenbulcke

Mer, 2021


In this book, Matthieu Wellner and Buero Kofink Schels (architects Simon Jüttner and Sebastian Kofink) unfold the design process of T.I.A. House 1 +2, a project they designed and built in Almeria, Spain. Through the close observation of a set of unpublished key documents including sketches, scale models, plans, screenshots and pictures, they explore the critical value of real-time improvisation in architecture. Three additional contributions shed lateral light on the level of practice-based research, image theory and reuse paradigm.

The book results from the collaboration between KU Leuven, ULB and U Liège within Architecture In Practice, a multi-university research group exploring the multiple ways in which architecture practice can be engaged in academic research and reciprocally. The book has been double blind peer reviewed.


ISBN: 9789463935722

192 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 24 x 17 cm, paperback, Engels