Brussels Housing: Atlas of Residential Building Types

Gérald Ledent, Alessandro Porotto

Birkhaüser, 2023


Modern urban terraced houses or row houses emerged in Europe from the 17th century onwards. Usually two to three storeys high and with a garden at the back, they formed the traditional urban block. In Brussels, this bourgeois form of housing took on a particularly varied and inspiring form – including the well-known Art Nouveau residences – and forms the DNA of the city to this day. This publication analyses 100 selected examples illustrating the emergence of the terraced house and its further development in other forms of housing. The result is a broad panorama and a history of the architecture and development of the city of Brussels with its particularly heterogenous cityscape.

With a photo essay by the well-known Belgian photographer Maxime Delvaux.
All plans have been drawn in standard scales especially for the publication.
An atlas of exemplary historical and contemporary housing typologies.


ISBN: 978303562509

352 pagina's, 500 illustraties waarvan 200 in kleur, 33,5 x 24,5 cm, hardcover, Engels