Bruno Munari: I Prelibri / Prebooks

Edizioni Corraini, 2016 (5th edition)


Twelve little books of paper, card, cardboard, wood, cloth, wettex, flisellina, and transparent plastic, each with a different binding, boxed into one big box. First published in 1980, the Prebooks (a cult nowadays) are dedicated to very young children who have not yet learned to read or write.

These little books (10 × 10 cm) are designed to fit into small hands and come in many unusual colors and materials, offering a variety of stimuli, sensations and emotions. According to the creator, “they should give the sensation that books are indeed objects made like this and that they contain a wide array of surprises. Culture comes out of surprises, which are things that were unknown before.” Once again, Bruno Munari is ahead of his time: while computers are entering more and more deeply into young children’s lives, this project helps them to smell, touch, see, and even taste the objects they have around them, so that they do not lose contact, literally, with the concreteness of reality.

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ISBN: 9788887942668

120 pagina's, 28 × 39 cm, Italiaans/Engels/Frans/Duits