Brunet Saunier Architecture: Monospace & Simplexity

Pascale Blin

Birkhaüser, Basel, 2013


Founded in 1981 in Paris, Brunet Saunier Architecture is a French leader in the design of hospitals and large-scale public buildings. This publication is much more than a monograph. It is also a professional reference work, as hospital buildings make up a large portion of the showcased projects. Over the last ten years the architectural office has been developing a successful concept known as “Monospace”.

The book discusses and analyzes this concept in detail, presenting trueto- scale floor plans, cross-sections, architectural views, and other information. The Monospace concept – which is based on a process of creative reduction down to essentials, i.e. “simplexity” – is adaptive rather than normative or prescriptive, and based on probabilities rather than determinism. It respects energy, even when it sometimes uses it. It takes the individual’s experience into account, and starts from the position of the subject. It also permits changing perspectives. This design concept should attract attention far beyond the borders of France.

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ISBN: 9783034608169

272 pagina's, 100 z/w & 200 kleur illustraties, 22 × 28 cm, hardcover, Engels/Frans