Bridget Riley: The Complete Prints 1962-2020

Craig Hartley

The Bridget Riley Art Foundation & Thames & Hudson, 2020


Bridget Riley has made prints throughout her career, extending the principles of her paintings into the editioned silk-screen medium. This volume brings together more than 100 prints made since 1962 and explores Riley’s development as a printmaker as well as her relationship with leading printers in the UK.

Riley says in the book’s foreword: ‘printmaking has been a very valuable addition to my working life as a painter, allowing me to extend particular trains of thought.’

Riley’s prints reflect her development as painter by providing insights into the explorations and compositional devices on her way to making a painting. Printmaking has been an intermittent activity, rather than a main, continuous engagement. Riley’s work as a whole is characterized by consistency in partner with innovation. ‘All my work is one thing, as it were,’ she wrote in 1978, ‘it may appear different, but it is essentially the same.’

This new catalogue raisonné designed by Tim Harvey illustrates Bridget Riley’s graphic work in a larger, revised format. Alongside a full-colour inventory of the prints are updated essays by Lynn MacRitchie and Craig Hartley and an additional essay by Robert Kudielka, which all provide a greater context for Riley’s work.


ISBN: 9780500971093

296 pagina's, 155 kleurillustraties, 27 x 24,5 cm, hardcover, Engels