Brancusi: L’art ne fait que commencer (Centre Pompidou)

Ariane Coulondre (Ed.)


reprinting may 2024

From A for workshop to S for spiritual, through D for dance, M for Muse or R for reflections, this abundantly illustrated work takes the open form of the dictionary to present all the richness of Constantin Brancusi’s art. With more than 110 entries by the greatest specialists of the artist, it offers a complete panorama of his career, from the Romania of his youth to pre-war Paris via the United States. It sheds light on the artist’s creative process, his relationship with materials, his practice of film, photography and drawing, his taste for music. It also addresses the question of its reception in a transnational manner, analyzes the view of his work by writers and critics and opens the reflection to the question of the posterity of Brancusi’s art, highlighting its resonances with contemporary artists. IN FRANS!


ISBN: 9782844269768

320 pagina's, illustraties in kleur & z/w, 27 x 19,2 cm, hardcover, Frans