Boris Mikhailov: From “Blaue horse” Till Now Days, 1965-2022 (Limited edition of 1500 copies)

Boris and Vita Mikhailov, Simon Baker, Laurie Hurwitz, Leigh Ledare

Mörel/MEP, 2023


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Considered one of the most influential contemporary artists from Eastern Europe, he has been developing a body of experimental photographic work exploring social and political subjects for more than fifty years.
Boris Mikhailov’s pioneering practice encompasses documentary photography, conceptual work, painting and performance. Since the 1960s, he has been creating a haunting record of the tumultuous changes in Ukraine that accompanied the collapse of the Soviet Union and the disastrous consequences of its dissolution.

Published on the occasion of Boris Mikhaïlov’s major retrospective at the MEP from 09/07 to 01/15/2022, this catalog brings together 27 projects by the artist over the last 57 years. Designed in close collaboration with Boris and Vita Mikhaïlov it gives a unique insight into each project and the artist’s methodology and philosophy.

A second booklet with essays written by Simon Baker (director of the MEP), Laurie Hurwitz (curator of the exhibition) and the artist Leigh Ledare completes the main book. Also included are translations of the Viscidity and Unfinished Dissertation series.


ISBN: 9781907071935

576 + 64 pagina's, illustraties in kleur, 24 x 17 cm, 2 paperback volumes, Engels/Frans