BIO27: Super Vernaculars, Design for a Regenerative Future (Biennial of Design Ljubliana)

27th Biennial of Design Ljubliana 2022

Jane Withers, Ajda Bračič (Eds.)

MAO & Ministry of Slovenië, 2022


The catalogue was released at the international exhibition BIO27 Super Vernaculars: Design for a Regenerative Future, 27th Biennial of Design, which was between 26th May and 23d October 2022 on view in the Museum of Architecture and Design, in Palača Cukrarna and Plečnik’s kiosk at Prešeren Square.

The BIO27 Super Vernaculars catalogue, edited by Jane Withers and Ajda Bračič, serves as a handbook and a platform that defines, examines and presents the so called Super Vernaculars approach, as well as inspire and inform the wider design community as well as others interested in creativity and regenerative practices.

Accompanied by an extensive photo and graphics material, it includes essays offering different perspectives on the principles of the super vernacular by Jane Withers, Jan Boelen, Adam Štěch, Marco Sammicheli, Blaž Bajič, Sophie Thomas, Milan Dinevski, Carolien Niebling, Daniel Bell, Dr. Adam Drazin, Kellenberger-White, Medprostor, Špela Spanžel and others. One of the sections is dedicated to documenting the work processes, from the initial conception to the final outcome of the multi-award winning projects of BIO27 Production Platform teams Pjorkkala,, Krater, Garnitura and Futuring.


ISBN: 9789616669870

252 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 23 x 16 cm, paperback, Engels