Bernhard Rüdiger: Forty-Nine Exhibitions

François Aubart, Henri-Alexis Baatsch, Pascal Beausse, Giovanni Careri, Doris von Drathen, Gilles Drouault, Bernardo Mercuri, Pietro Montani, Paola Nicolin, Daniel Perrier

Mousse publishing, 2022


Forty-Nine Exhibitions survey Bernhard Rüdiger’s work over thirty-five years, organized in reverse chronological order: each exhibition is followed by the one that precedes it. This project is related to the artist’s conception of time, which, in his view, is always open. Many artworks reappear at different times, in various associations and contexts; each work responds to another as a source that produces the next yet creates distance with those that came before it.
Texts and interviews with the artist accompany this complete catalog at different periods, published in their original language and translated into French and English.
The introductory essay to Forty-Nine Exhibitions was written by François Aubart in the preparatory stages of Rüdiger’s monographic exhibition, Chambre double, at Les Tanneries – Centre d’art contemporain in Amilly in 2021. It throws light on the way Rüdiger was influenced by the discovery—in Milan during the 1980s— of Luciano Fabro’s teaching and Lucio Fontana’s spatial work, and on his investment in a collective with intense collaborations, and analyzes the way those attitudes infused the multiple forms of his work.


ISBN: 9788867494880

560 pagina's, illustraties in kleur, 23,5 x 16 cm, paperback, Engels / Frans