Bauhaus Dessau: Architecture

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Florian Strob

Bauhaus Dessau Foundation & Hirmer Verlag, 2019


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Walter Gropius, Hannes Meyer, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Richard Paulick, Georg Muche, Carl Fieger and Karl Friedrich Engemann: the architects at the Bauhaus in Dessau realised their designs in the industrial city between the Elbe and the Mulde during the years between 1925 and 1932 – and thereby created a unique ensemble of modern architecture which attracts visitors from all over the world to Dessau to this day. Since 1996 some of the Bauhaus buildings in Dessau have been regarded as key works of European Modernism and are included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites. They express the revolutionary aim of the historical Bauhaus to bring about fundamental change in society through design and architecture.


ISBN: 9783777432021

168 pagina's, 120 kleurillustraties, 21 x 26.5 cm, hardcover, Engels