Baselitz: La rétrospective (Centre Pompidou)

Bernard Blistène (Ed.-

Centre Pompidou, 2021


« Baselitz – La rétrospective » est la première exposition exhaustive consacrée à Georg Baselitz, avec la complicité de l’artiste. Quelque six décennies de création sont abordées selon un parcours chronologique qui met en valeur les périodes les plus marquantes du travail de l’artiste né en 1938.

The exhibition brings together, chronologically, under the direction of Bernard Blistène and with the complicity of Georg Baselitz, the artist’s most outstanding works: from the first paintings and the Pandemonium manifesto in the early 1960s to the Heroes series, compositions fractured with inverted patterns from 1969, through successive sets of works in which the artist masterfully experiments with new pictorial techniques. Masterpieces from the past six years also have a special place in the exhibition.
Through numerous writings and conferences, Georg Baselitz has renewed throughout his career the writing of manifestos in art, o ff ering precious testimonies on his inspirations, and thus participating in the creation of his own myth.
The exhibition catalog includes: a long interview with the artist, an unpublished essay by Philippe Lançon, Charlie Hebdo journalist, awarded numerous prizes such as the Femina in 2018, an anthology of texts, an important chronology and the corpus of the works exhibited. IN FRANS!


ISBN: 9782844269102

304 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 30,9 x 23,3 cm, hardcover, Frans