Barozzi Veiga: Arquitectura 2011-2021 (TC Cuadernos 149)

Renato Bocchi, Ricardo Meri de la Maza

General de Ediciones de Arquitectura, 2021


This monograph covers the last decade of building production by the Barozzi Veiga studio, an architectural practice based in Barcelona, Spain.

18 projects are collected in 266 pages and show the best of the international trajectory of these architects through the completed works and those that are to come as a result of competitions. They always stand out thanks to their ability, beyond solving a problem, to condense the essence and character of a project, resulting into buildings as a new mental places.

The work of Barozzi and Veiga must be read as an original response to a genuine need to return to an architectural language.
Their idea of ​​”sentimental monumentality” means an architecture capable of interpreting and marking the identity of a place, but in a subtle, allusive, evocative way, never high-sounding: exactly what happens with the Szczecin Philharmonic, or with stone blocks perforated from the liminal square of Roa, or with the small tower covered with ornamental concrete slabs of the Chur museum.

The set of plans and documentation included in this monograph shows the importance of material, technical-constructive decisions, in the condensation of the character of his proposals and the construction of those mental places. Or as they have also described it on occasion, “the contribution of technical requirements to the poetry of the project.”

What these works present with an exciting naturalness is the result of an extremely delicate balance that is difficult to carry out; a synthesis, digested and autonomous, of the best of the European construction tradition of the last 50 or 60 years.


ISBN: 9788417753269

266 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 29,5 x 23 cm, paperback, Engels/Spaans