Barbara Bosworth: The Sea

Barbara Bosworth (photography), text by Margot Anne Kelley, Barry Lopez, Jem Southam, Richard Bailey

Radius Books, 2022


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Since moving to New England in 1984, Barbara Bosworth (b. 1953, USA) has been photographing the sea and its awe-inspiring ability to transform sky, water, and light. The sea evokes calm introspection, romance, and poetry, while remaining a deeply unknowable and overpowering natural force, a contradiction that has drawn people to the shoreline for millennia. Before she discovered photography, and for as long as she can remember, Bosworth has been looking at the sea. Many hours were spent with her father watching the light move across Cape Cod Bay. Later in life, she walked those same beaches with the wonder that had been passed down by her father, as well as generations of writers, poets, and artists. This book of photographs of the sea, made with an 8×10 camera, follows in the tradition of The Meadow and The Heavens, serving as the third and final volume in the series, keeping the same size and design elements as the previous two publications.

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ISBN: 9781942185918

200 pages, 60 images, 32,3 x 25,8 cm, hardcover, English