Barbara Bloom: The Reign of Narcism. Guide Book / Führer (1990)

Wurttembergischer Kunstverein, The Serpentine Gallery, Kunsthalle Zürich, 1990


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This artist’s book guides us through the “set” of a 19th century museum room where all aspects of what we see are covered with traces of the artist’s likeness. Portraits which take the form of vanity mirrors, watermark porcelain tea cups, chocolates, cameos, designs for her tombstone commemorative stamps showing the hospital where the artist was born, even period chairs upholstered with a cloth pattern of the artist’s dental X-rays. The texts delve us into the worlds of Hegel on The Greek Profile, Virginia Woolf’s The Lady in the Looking Glass, Ovid‘s myths of Echo and Narcissus, Bruce Chatwin’s Utz, and Wilde’s Picture of Dorian Gray. The book contains a loose envelop with a blank letter and coloured stamps.

Edition of 2200 copies, our copy is in very good condition.

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244 pages, b/w illustrations, 20,5 x 14 cm, paperback, German/English