Atlas of Digital Architecture: Terminology, Concepts, Methods, Tools, Examples, Phenomena

Ludger Hovestadt, Urs Hirschberg, Oliver Fritz (Eds.)

Birkhäuser, 2020


Digital technology and architecture have become inseparable, with new approaches and methodologies not just affecting the workflows and practice of architects but shaping the very character of architecture.This compendious work offers a wide-ranging orientation to the new landscape with its opportunities, its challenges, and its vast potential.

Contributors: Diana Alvarez-Marin, Jakob Beetz, André Borrmann, Petra von Both, Harald Gatermann, Marco Hemmerling, Ursula Kirschner, Reinhard König, Dominik Lengyel, Bob Martens, Frank Petzold, Sven Pfeiffer, Miro Roman, Kay Römer, Hans Sachs, Philipp Schaerer, Sven Schneider, Odilo Schoch, Milena Stavric, Peter Zeile, Nikolaus Zieske. Writer: Sebastian Michael


ISBN: 9783035619898

760 pagina's, 750 kleurillustraties, 29 x 21 cm, paperback, Engels