Atelier Ordinaire / EGR Atelier d’Architecture / Jean-Christophe Quinton Architect (Amag 32)

+ Amag 03: Portuguese architecture

Amag, 2023


This issue features eighteen works by three French studios located in three cities – two collectives and one singular office – which have both essentially and formally different approaches, intervention contexts, and languages. Atelier Ordinaire develops its small-scale projects using vernacular knowledge and mainly natural, local materials. Atelier EGR focuses on large-scale projects that often entail social impact and collective use. Paris-based architect Jean-Christophe Quinton primarily seeks opportunities to make a qualitative contribution through his work. Depending on the context, scale, and function, this can shift between an individual or a collective point of view.


ISBN: 9789895390588

208 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 32 x 24 cm, paperback, Portugees/Spaans/Engels