Arquitectura en blanco: Single-family homes Spain and Portugal 02 (TC Cuadernos)

César Jiménez Gonzalez, Guillermo Rubio Boronat, Ricardo Meri de la Maza, Paolo De Marco

‎ General de Ediciones de Arquitectura, 2024


The second volume of ‘Architecture in White’ delves into the exploration of the color white as an essential element in contemporary residential architecture in southern Europe. From the “House on Rua do Arco” by João Álvaro Rocha to the “Casa Sabater” by Fran Silvestre, the book displays a range of projects that, although they share the predominant use of white, each one reveals a unique identity. As in the first volume, the publication combines a careful selection of projects with an in-depth analysis through photographs, plans and construction details. This allows readers to understand not only the elegance of the design, but also the technical challenges and solutions implemented to achieve the effects of white. César Jiménez’s text focuses on the importance of communicating architecture, highlighting how communicators and disseminators can be the public’s first contact with the discipline, expanding its reach and influence. For his part, Ricardo Meri makes a poetic digression about the multiple nuances and meanings that the color white acquires in architecture, approaching it from historical, symbolic and aesthetic aspects. Finally, Paolo De Marco traces a tour of the modern and Mediterranean influences that have characterized white Iberian architecture throughout the 20th century, highlighting the experimentations and “third ways” proposed by figures such as Fernando Távora or Álvaro Siza. Together, these introductory texts provide a key conceptual and contextual framework for a comprehensive understanding of the publication. In summary, this new selection offers a panoramic and profound vision of the validity and richness of the color white in contemporary architectural production.


ISBN: 9788417753627

288 pagina's, illustraties in kleur & z/w, 29,5 x 23 cm, paperback, Spaans/Engels