Arn Poche Vol. 2 (Atlas des Régions Naturelles)

Eric Tabuchi, Nelly Monnier

Poursuite, 2023


Reissued for the first time in pocket format, L’Atlas des Régions Naturelles Vol.2 is the second volume in a singular photographic adventure, as much for its size as for its duration. Begun five years ago, its ambition is to document in equal measure the 450 natural regions or “countries” that make up the French territory. The term “natural region” or “country” refers to small territories whose boundaries, based on their natural characteristics, are – as opposed to the administrative departments created by the French Revolution – difficult to define. Born of a desire to document French vernacular architecture and, more broadly, to represent a territory in all its nuances, the Atlas des Régions Naturelles became a titanic photographic survey undertaking.

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ISBN: 9782490140466

384 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 22 x 12 cm, paperback, geen tekst