Architecture in India Since 1990

Rahul Mehrotra

Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern, 2012


In twenty-first-century India, hybridity, pluralism, and fusion reign over singular identities, the resultant architecture mirroring the socioeconomic and political fabric of one of the world’s largest and most populous nation states. Architect, educator, and author Rahul Mehrotra (*1959 in New Delhi) has been at the forefront of India’s contemporary architecture scene for the last two decades. The book is his personal account and presents four distinct genres of architectural expression, introducing the proponents of each with a bold, incisive text supported by exceptional examples of projects that showcase the disparity and coexistence of multiple approaches. Featuring the work of more than sixty contemporary architects and lavishly illustrated with over five hundred stunning photographs, it will interest a vast readership of academics, architects, and students as well as exponents of multiple design disciplines and the general reader with an interest in contemporary India.

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ISBN: 9783775732451

312 pagina's, 25,3 x 29 cm, 570 kleurenafbeeldingen, hardcover, Engels