Architecture en blanco / Architecture in White: Single-family Houses in Spain and Portugal

TC Cuadernos, 2023


This first volume of Arquitectura en Blanco covers over 248 pages, 14 single-family homes located in Spain and Portugal. These works stand out for the preeminence of the color white, an essential chromatic element deeply rooted in contemporary architecture in southern Europe.

The book provides a detailed analysis of each house, through a wide selection of photographs, plans and construction details. This meticulous approach allows readers a full understanding of each project, revealing not only the elegance of the design, but also the technical challenges and solutions involved in implementing white in architecture.

In this first selection, a balance has been sought, both in geographical terms and in the representation of architects. The book reflects a diversity between Spain and Portugal, as well as balancing the presence of emerging architects and more recognized figures such as Alberto Campo Baeza, Aires Mateus, Eduardo Souto de Moura or Carlos Ferrater, providing a range of voices and unique perspectives on architecture in white.

In addition, the book is enriched with texts by César Jiménez, a communicator specialized in this subject, and by Paolo De Marco, who offers a study on the use of white in contemporary architecture, detailing a variety of materials and techniques used to achieve white effects and highlighting its advantages in terms of sustainability.

Beyond being a single-family home image publication, this book is an essential resource for architecture students and professionals. Through a careful combination of high-quality images, constructive analysis, and theoretical input, it provides valuable and comprehensive insight into both this approach to white architecture in particular, and single-family housing in general.


ISBN: 9788417753542

248 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 29,5 x 23 cm, paperback, Spaans/Engels