Architectural Practice Today: BARarchitecten, Francesca Torzo Architetto, Wolff Architects

Project Stories Volume 02

Cristian Stefanescu (ed.)

Bergen School of Architecture, 2022


‘Project Stories’ invites an eclectic constellation of architectural practices from across the globe to tell the story of one of their significant built works. Each volume brings together three such stories accompanied by conversations with the individual architects. These behind-the-scenes examinations chronicle how an idea is conceived, revealing the diverse approaches and confluences of various fields that go into making a work of architecture. The series takes the form of a visual reader as a way to better conceptualise the works and practices, all equally diverse and equally legitimate. This second volume features BARarchitekten, Francesca Torzo Architetto, and Wolff Architects.


ISBN: 9788269185652

344 pagina's, illustraties in kleur & z/w, 24 x 17 cm, paperback, Engels