Architectural Guide Tel Aviv

The White City and its Modernist Buildings

Sharon Golan Yaron

DOM Publishers, 2019


Home to over 4,000 constructions built in a modernist style influenced by the Bauhaus, Tel Aviv’s White City is a world-renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site. This guide, written by the renowned conservation architect Sharon Golan Yaron – the co-founder and program director of the White City Centre – offers the key to exploring the most important architectural sites in Tel Aviv. The buildings in the White City are characterized by a site-specific architectural language that adapts European modernism to local climatic and cultural conditions. By exposing 100 such structures in four routes of 25 buildings, the book is a homage to the Bauhaus centennial celebrated in 2019. Furthermore, the guide illustrates the uniqueness of Tel Aviv’s contemporary conservation approach, which maintains historic values while promoting the growth of the city through allowing additions on top of historical buildings.


ISBN: 9783869222523

240 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 24,5 x 13,4 cm, paperback, Engels