Anselm Kiefer: Pour Paul Celan (Grand Palais, Paris)

Chris Dercon, Emanuele Coccia, Alexander Kluge, Edmund de Waal, Ulrich Wilnes

Rmn/Grand Palais, 2021


On the occasion of the French presidency of the European Union in 2021, the ephemeral Grand Palais was hosting the workshop of Anselm Kiefer who made an installation bringing together works created in 2020 and marked by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Conceived as an immersive journey into Anselm Kiefer’s studio and world, this artist’s book recounts Kiefer’s longstanding dialogue with his master poet, to which the philosopher Emanuele Coccia, the artist Edmund de Waal, the curator Ulrich Wilmes, and the filmmaker Alexander Kluge offer fresh and illuminating insights into the very idea of Europe, its past and its future. IN FRANS!


ISBN: 9782711878994

120 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 32 x 21,8 cm, hardcover, Frans