Anne et Patrick Poirier: Fragilité (Ludwig Museum)

Beate Reifenscheid (Ed)

Ludwig Museum & Wienand Verlag, 2022


Fragilité (fragility) is the central theme in Anne and Patrick Poirier’s work, which shines through their entire œuvre. Their works investigate various aspects concerning culture, collective and individual memory, the world of objects, and nature.

In this catalogue, current positions as well as central concepts of past exhibitions are summarised and vividly elucidated through well-founded texts. Anne and Patrick Poirier question memory by using buried and overlaid relics, linking the idea of an ancient city with the neural networks of the human brain and thus drawing lines of connection to today’s, often dystopian, human actions. Their often installative works raise questions and provide food for thought without providing answers. They do not cite antiquity out of nostalgia, but understand it as a timeless phenomenon that can be viewed, interpreted and expanded again and again anew. Starting out from remembering and forgetting, they developed the notion of the fragility of our existence as a continuous questioning of the state of the world.


ISBN: 9782081416246

264 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 28,8 x 24,7 cm, hardcover, Engels/Frans