Anna Boghiguian: Period of Change (Kunsthaus Bregenz)

Anna Boghiguian , Otobong Nkanga, Thomas D. Trummer

Kunsthaus Bregenz KUB & Walther und Franz König, 2022


In a dense documentation of the work, juxtaposed with installation views and pages of the artist’s handwritten manuscripts, the publication which is rich in imagery provides a guide through work of the artist, enabling the reader to immerse themselves in Boghiguian’s artistic cosmos. In a comprehensive discussion with Thomas D. Trummer, Anna Boghiguian (b. 1946, Cairo) expounds on the processes involved in creating her works and its key subject matter. A text authored by the artist herself condenses the themes and thoughts that have flowed into her works.

There is also a second publication as an annex to this book about Boghiguian’s installation together with Ottobing Nkanga in KUB Venice, Scuola di San Pasquale, 2022.


ISBN: 9783753302034

208 pagina's, 146 kleuren- & z/w illustraties, 28 x 21 cm, paperback, Engels/Duits