Anish Kapoor (Venice)

Taco Dibbits (Ed)

DAP/Marsilio Arte, 2022


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Widely considered one of the most influential sculptors working today, British artist Anish Kapoor (born 1954) here constructs a career survey of his works within the exquisite Renaissance architecture of the Venetian Gallerie dell’Accademia. The full span of his oeuvre is appraised here, from his spare monochrome sculptures that evoke sublimity and awe to his more recent expressionistic sculptures and paintings, often in shades of red or blue, that call to mind dispersed bodies. Famous works include his 1992 Descent into Limbo, which, in this iteration, sets a black threatening void directly into the gallery floor, as well as his experiments with the blackest black paint, Vantablack. This monograph also includes new works created using carbon nanotechnology, and recent paintings that reflect the visionary thrust of Kapoor’s current trajectory.


ISBN: 9791254630075

288 pagina's, 200 kleurillustraties, 32,7 x 24,7 cm, hardcover, Engels