Amazonie: Le Chamane et la pensée de la forêt

Boris Wastiau

Musée d'ethnogrphie de Genève & Somogy Éditions, 2016


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Through the presentation of ritual and prestige objects, shimmering feather ornaments, hunting and war weapons and even musical instruments, this publication illustrates the refinement of the ritual arts of the Amazonian Indians.

In addition to the brilliant photographs of Johnathan Watts, there are old and contemporary field photographs, often unpublished and of high quality, from the MEG collections.

The author, after having evoked the tragic history of the Indians since the Conquest, shows how, thanks to the adaptability of their mythology and their rituals, the chiefs, the shamans and their people were able to preserve an incredible cultural diversity and a unparalleled refinement in the art of the pen. IN FRENCH!

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ISBN: 9782757211175

207 pages, illustrations in color & b/w, 27,8 x 23,1 cm, paperback, French