Álvaro Siza + António Madureira House in Maia: House Details Architecture 6

Nuno Teixeira

House Details Architecture, 2023


House Details 6 covers in a complete way, from beginning to end, an absolutely fantastic project, carried out by the World Master, Álvaro Siza and by the excellent architect António Madureira, Siza’s main collaborator from 1965 to 1971.

Hundreds of technical drawings, “to scale”, edited to various levels, mostly details, many double-page (1/2 scale), over half a metre long, on:

roofs including rooflights, exterior doors and windows, interior doors, exterior and interior walls & floors and others, stairs, plans, sections and elevations, photographs explaining the design process, several other photographs, hand drawings,sections and other detail drawings about: kitchen, bathrooms, indoor swimming pool and fireplace, various elements on the construction of the house and plans, sections, elevations and details of bespoke furniture.

A plethora of contents, some with main features, others complementary. Extremely rich and extensive chapters (from the general drawings to the furniture, through the construction register, building systems, among others), strategies almost completely renewed throughout more than 3 years, in order to be able to tell the complete “story” and the Art of the beautiful project. The best photos were chosen and worked on, among the 1140 that comprised those of the entire work, those of the architectural object as a whole, the interiors and those of interior and exterior details.


ISBN: 9789895406883

240 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 30 x 30 cm, Engels