Aline Bouvy: Cruising Bye

Denis Gielen Milena Oldfield

MAC Grand Hornu & Walther und Franz König, 2022


To accompany the Cruising Bye exhibition, this catalogue prolongs the experience of cruising (in the sense that it refers as much to sexual vagrancy and police patrols as stray dogs and queer flirtations), which Aline Bouvy invites us to experience at the MACS. Illustrated with a complete photoreportage of the exhibition, to enable an immersion in the heart of the artist’s work, it also includes an in-depth interview by the art critic Milena Oldfield with the artist about her practice and her sources of inspiration, along with an essay by Denis Gielen, curator of the exhibition.


ISBN: 9783753301785

200 pagina's, 91 illustraties in kleur, 30 x 24 cm, paperback, Frans/Engels