Alfred H. Barr, Jr.: Cubism and Abstract Art (Museum of Modern Art, 1974)

Painting, sculpture, constructions, photography, architecture, industrial art, theatre, films, posters, typography

Museum of Modern Art New York, distributed by New York Graphic Society, 1974


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First paperback edition of the groundbreaking publication by American museum curator Ajfred H. Barr, Jr., the enterprising first director (1929–43) of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City. He expanded the realm of the traditional art museum to include departments of architecture, education, industrial design, and photography, as well as sculpture and painting. His activities over nearly four decades at MoMA defined Modernism and laid the groundwork for its acceptance in the United States.
In very fine condition



249 pagina's, 223 z/w illustraties, 25 x 18,7 cm, paperback, Engels