Alberto Kalach: Taller de Arquitectura X

Miguel Adriá, Peter Cook, Hernán Diaz Alonso, Fernando Fernández, Carlos Jiménez, Alberto Kalach, Juan Palomar, Eduardo Vázquez Martín

Arquine, 2021


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Mexican architect Alberto Kalach (born 1960) founded Taller de Arquitectura X (TAX) in 1981, and for more than 35 years the firm’s work has produced a wide range of projects: from private commissions to public buildings, from solutions for confined spaces to urban planning problems. The scale of the commission may vary, but the approach remains the same, always driven by a sense of curiosity and experimentation; TAX describes itself as somewhere between “a lab, a greenhouse and learning team.”
Rather than adhering to a specific style, TAX’s constancy is methodological and conceptual, allowing the studio to be prolific, versatile and consistent simultaneously. The studio’s work has long been motivated by Kalach’s concerns about—and research into—the particular challenges and problems of his native Mexico City. To this end he has designed a minimalist house that can be built for $5,000, the largest public library in Latin America and an ambitious proposed plan to restore Mexico City’s ancient lakes (which remains unrealized).
Alberto Kalach: Work is an extensive compilation of more than 100 of TAX’s built and unbuilt projects. Illustrated with architectural photographs by Iwan Baan and Jaime Navarro as well as Kalach’s personal diagrams and drawings, this volume introduces readers to the work and vision of one of Mexico’s most acclaimed contemporary architects.


ISBN: 9786079489441

448 pagina's, illustraties in kleur & z/w, 27 x 22 cm, paperback, Engels