Albarran Cabrera: On Listening to Trees

Albarrán Cabrera, introduction Yves Darricau, Hermann Hesse

Atelier EXB, 2023


The Spanish artist duo Albarrán Cabrera has a special relationship with nature. Source of inspiration, photographic subject or almost unreal setting, it is always, in one way or another, present in their images. A common thread in their production, trees can often be seen there: the shadow of a branch, the drawing of foliage that has become abstract or even a tortuous silhouette in the center of the frame. The images alternate between a palette of bright colors, bordering on abstraction, and more monochrome tones, evoking a certain melancholy, plunging us into timeless landscapes. The result evokes a dreamlike, almost surreal world, typical of the Spanish duo.

However, the tree is not the only subject of this work. For photographers, it is a question of exploring man’s relationship with nature more broadly by also associating literature and in particular the writings of the German novelist, poet and painter Hermann Hesse in order to give shape to their thoughts. A text by the author and agronomist, Yves Darricau, on the historical complicity of man with trees through the ages, now in danger, completes this book celebrating their presence in our world.


ISBN: 9782365113663

184 pagina's, 101 kleur foto's, 29 x 21,2 cm, hardcover, Engels