Adolf Loos: Residences + From Interior to Urban City ( a+u 572 – 573)

Yoshio Sakurai

Shinkenchiku-sha / A+U Publishing, 2018


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‘Residences’ (a+u 572) gives an understanding of the different techniques the architect used over the years in approaching each project’s site. From early urban residences and villas in natural surroundings, to the mature ‘Raumplan’ concept, Loos’s pursuit of economic efficiency and rationality is examined through his architectural spaces. Each project includes the relations and collaborators he worked with, as well as clear labelling on all drawings, in order to provide a basis for reference material.

‘From Interior to Urban City’ (a+u 573) introduces 36 various works divided into four chapters: ‘Residential Addition and Alternation Plans’, ‘Interior Design’, ‘Collective Housing’, and ‘Mixed-use Facilities’.

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vol. 1: 212 pages, vol.2: 192 pages, illustrations in color & b/w, 29 x 22 cm, paperbacks, Japanese/English