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Shinkenchiku-sha, 2019



Features Adolf Loos with guest editor Prof. Yoshio Sakurai who spent 12 years visiting every built project. Presented are 36 works between Residential Addition and Alteration Plans, Interior Design, Collective Housing, and Mixed-use Facilities. As most of Loos’ larger scale projects were unbuilt, they have received less attention than his Raumplan based houses. New models, drawings and CGs of collective housing and mixed-use projects were created based on photos, original sketches, and drawings. This work led by Sakurai provides a deeper understanding that Loos’ complex 3-dimensional spaces were not limited to his residences, but also extended to a variety of typologies. These ideas are explored through projects such as Looshaus, Cafe Museum, Werkbund 2 family housing, and Villa Karma. Text in English and Japanese.
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ISBN: 9784900212220

192 pages, illustrated, 29 x 22 cm, paperback, Japanese/English