ABC – History and Form of the Latin Script

Hans Eduard Meier

Triest Verlag


ABC – History and Form of the Latin Script provides an overview of the development of the Latin script. It covers the origin of Latin characters and how they were changed and altered over the centuries and cumulates in a presentation of contemporary digital scripts and fonts. Based on Hans Eduard Meier’s (1923–2015) standard work The Development of Script and Type (first published in 1959), the editors have completely revised the book, supplementing and expanding it with state-of-the-art scientific findings. In his original work, Meier described the development of the Latin script, from Phoenician inscriptions and Greek lapidarian writing to the most important printed texts of the early 20th century. The authors supplemented Meier’s original work with a genealogy of all the fonts presented, including their font genres, as well as important 20th and early 21st century milestones that were previously absent.


ISBN: 9783038630838

92 pagina's, illustraties in kleur & z/w, 30 x 20 cm, paperback, Engels / Frans / Duits