A.R. Penck: How it Works (Kunstmuseum Den Haag)

A. R. Penck, Danièle Cohn, o.a. Graphic design Haller Brun

Kunsrmuseum Den Haag & Walther König Verlag, 2020


A.R. Penck, pseudonym of Ralf Winkler (Dresden, October 5, 1939 – Zurich, May 2, 2017), was a German painter, graphic artist, sculptor and jazz drummer.

In the 1980s he gained worldwide fame with his paintings, which are based on pictograms, graffiti and primitive representations of human figures and totem-like shapes. He was frequently asked for important exhibitions in London and New York. Penck was counted among the “De Nieuwe Wilden”, which included artists such as Georg Baselitz, Rainer Fetting, Jörg Immendorff and Markus Lüpertz.

Penck’s sculpture, although less known, shares the same primitive themes as his paintings and drawings. He often used everyday materials such as wood, bottles, cardboard boxes, cans, masking tape, aluminum foil, wire. The sculptures are coarse assemblies, roughly painted. His artworks are inspired by Paul Klee and Jackson Pollock. The sculptures are sometimes reminiscent of the stone heads of Easter Island and Oceanic art.

This elaborately designed book features over two hundred of A. R. Penck’s paintings, drawings and sculptures, some of them reproduced here for the first time. Together, they provide an excellent retrospective of the works of an artist who paved the way for a new concept of art in Germany after World War II.


ISBN: 9783960987895

600 pagina's, 30 x 24 cm, 250 kleur illustraties, paperback, Duits/Engels